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Ventura County Review

Banker Notes Positives in Local Business Climate


Local business banker James W. Arline has some good news in tough times.

Despite recent economic difficulties for businesses throughout California, Arline has high hopes for Ventura County's manufacturing and wholesale businesses because of their ability to do business outside the state.

"Since the recession . . . a lot of companies that were manufacturing and selling just within California really took a hit," said Arline. "But those I've dealt with in Ventura County who sold nationwide and internationally weathered the recession pretty well."

Arline manages the Ventura County office of California National Bank, which has headquarters in Encino and opened a loan production office in Camarillo in September. The office expanded to a full-service operation in June.

Arline, who was with Ventura County National Bank for six years before joining CUB, pointed to Ventura County's diversity and its location as other causes for optimism.

"Ventura County has a good sampling of just about every industry. There's agriculture, manufacturing, wholesale, service businesses," he said. "You have the rail system, deep-water port [in Port Hueneme], freeway access. And the climate is one of the best."

Arline said the recent successful effort to keep the Point Mugu naval base from closing was a sign that local city and county government officials are trying to take advantage of these attributes and are making an effort to retain and attract businesses to the area.

"Hopefully, we will continue this positive trend," he said.

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