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COUNTYWIDE : Caltrans Widening Crown Valley Exit

August 19, 1995|SHELBY GRAD

Commuters can expect some relief from rush-hour traffic congestion on Interstate 5 when $2.09 million in interchange improvements at Crown Valley Parkway are completed next year.

The project was approved by the California Transportation Commission this week along with a second program to install traffic monitoring devices on the San Diego Freeway.

The Interstate 5 projects call for the construction of an extra lane on the southbound side of the freeway and the widening of the Crown Valley Parkway exit.

"We are just adding capacity," said Walt Hagen, Caltrans' district division chief for design. "There is a big backup that takes place on the southbound side in that area. This opens up the ramp so you don't get the backup."

The improvements could also help traffic flow onto nearby surface streets, he said.

Caltrans plans to spend $1.24 million for the monitoring system on the San Diego Freeway. The agency will install sensors in the pavement that will provide data on traffic patterns and speeds.

The monitors, which should be operational next year, will transmit the data to Caltrans' Traffic Operations Center, Hagen said.

"This will let us know if there is a big slowdown," Hagen said. "It will give us an early warning that there might be an accident, so we can call the [California Highway Patrol] and ask them to check it out."

The two Orange County projects were among 43 road programs that the California Transportation Commission approved at its meeting this week in Irvine.

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