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A Step Ahead

August 27, 1995

It's about time someone brought the story of Don Campbell to light ("A Hoofer's Place in History," by Jeff Spurrier, July 23). Back in 1968, when I was a Sunday afternoon deejay at KGFJ, Campbell would drop by and start dancing. He simply startled everyone with his talents. This man was, and is, a pioneer of African American dance culture. Everyone else has borrowed from Don Campbell.

Tom Reed

Los Angeles


I had the good fortune of being a frequent dance partner of Don Campbell from 1978 to 1980. What a joy! Dancing with this always-creative living masterpiece brought many elements into play; at times it was like pogo-sticking, at others it felt like flying like the Wallendas. And all the while it maintained the intensity of a Mack truck. And Campbell never taught you anything, as such. "You have to feel it," he always said.

It was with relief and respect that I learned of his current resurgence in popularity. I appreciate the belated public recognition that locking was his creation, one of historical and cultural significance.


West Hollywood

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