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FAST FACTS : Inline Output

August 27, 1995

Inline skating has sparked a boomlet: roller hockey.

Expected dollar value for inline skating industry (clothing, protective equipment, accessories and skates) in 1995: 1 billion.

In 1994: 700 million.

Estimated number of inline skaters in 1994: 18,773,000.

Percentage increase from 1993: 50.

Estimated number of roller skaters in 1994: 14 million.

Percentage decrease from a peak in 1989: 35.

Estimated number of amateur roller hockey players in 1994: 3,678,000.

Percentage increase from 1993: 58.

Number of U.S. professional roller hockey teams: 16.

Number in California: 6.

Number in Southern California: 3.

Estimated number of professional roller hockey players: 323.

Female pro roller hockey players: 3.

Team with the best record: Anaheim Bullfrogs.

Number of players on a court per team: 5.

Range of prize winnings for professional roller hockey players: $8,000 to $15,000 or more a season.

Number of recreational roller hockey rinks expected to be open before 1996: 500.

Number of rinks currently open nationally: more than 200.

Estimated number of rinks in Southern California: 60.

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