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PRO FOOTBALL/ DAILY REPORT : Several Cowboys Are Linked to Airline Scam

September 02, 1995| Associated Press

The Dallas Cowboys had no comment Friday about an investigation into allegations of fraudulent American Airlines tickets worth $85,000 going to current and former members of the team.

Police at Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport are looking into a complaint by American Airlines corporate security reporting the theft of air fares valued at $85,151.40, said airport spokesman Joe Dealey.

"We're aware of the ongoing investigation and have no other comment," said Brett Daniels, a Cowboy spokesman.

An American Airlines ticket agent is alleged to have made 116 fraudulent tickets between October 1994 and August 1995 for players, including Michael Irvin, Charles Haley, Alfredo Roberts, Ron Springs and Everson Walls, among others, Dealey said.

Irvin and Haley are still with the team.

"Although these players, current and former, are named in this offense report . . . at this stage there is no reason to suspect them of any wrongdoing or that the criminal activity perpetrated by this suspect was known by the Cowboys organization," Dealey said.

Saying the investigation is in a preliminary stage, Dealey would not speculate when charges, if any, might be brought.

There have been no arrests.

According to a police report, Irvin was booked on a flight to Las Vegas on Tuesday. Investigators suspected Irvin would be using one of the fraudulent tickets.

Agents were instructed on their computer screens to confiscate the $1,600 first-class ticket. Irvin missed that flight and was confronted by officers, Dealey said. He produced a legitimate boarding pass using his middle name, Jerome.

"I don't think he's going to comment on it right now, and I would advise him not to," said Steve Endicott, Irvin's agent.

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