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Back to School : By The Numbers: Los Angeles Unified School District

September 05, 1995|KAY HWANGBO

The number of meals served during the 1994-95 school year: 65.01 million.

Subsidized cost to a student for the average elementary school lunch: 85 cents.

Actual cost of providing the average elementary school lunch: $1.65

Estimated number of corsages that will be purchased for high school dances this year: 20,000.

Average amount a couple spends on their high school prom: $724.

Average amount that a girl spends on her prom dress: $181.

Number of LAUSD patrol officers for every 10 school campuses: 2.7.

Number of LAUSD students, per 1,000, arrested for weapons possession on school campuses during the 1994-95 school year: 1.2

Number of metal detector wands, which are used mainly on students, to be distributed among schools this year: 490.

Number of apples expected to be served this year in LAUSD cafeterias: 5.8 million.

Number of crayon boxes expected to be used at schools this year: 297,500.

The percentage of graduating seniors last year who were 21 or older: 1.1.

Source: Los Angeles Unified School District. Prom statistics drawn from a 1989 survey of four high schools.

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