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SENATOR PACKWOOD RESIGNS : Tearful Packwood Bows to Pressure, Says He'll Resign : Senate: 'It is the honorable thing to do,' disgraced lawmaker says, ending a three-year drama. At end, even his staunchest backers recoiled from misconduct charges.


A summary of the 18 instances of alleged sexual misconduct against Sen. Bob Packwood, according to Ethics Committee affidavits:

1) 1990--In his Senate office, allegedly grabbed a woman staff member by the shoulders and kissed her.

2) 1985--At a campaign function in Bend, Ore., allegedly pushed his pelvis into a campaign worker as he danced with her and rubbed her back and buttocks area. Later that year, grabbed the worker's face and forced his tongue into her mouth.

3) 1981 or 1982--In his Senate office squeezed the arms of a female lobbyist and kissed her.

4) 1981--In the Capitol's basement, allegedly walked former staff assistant into a room where he cornered her against a desk, pushed himself against her and forced his tongue into her mouth.

5) 1980--In a parking lot in Eugene, Ore., pulled a campaign worker toward him, forced his tongue into her mouth and invited her to his motel room.

6) 1980 or 1981--At a hotel in Portland, abruptly kissed a hotel desk clerk on two occasions.

7) 1980--In his Senate office, grabbed staff member's shoulders, pushed her on a couch, and kissed her on the mouth as she repeatedly tried to push him off her and get up.

8) 1979--Walked into another senator's office and suddenly leaned down and kissed one of that senator's staff members.

9) 1977--On numerous occasions in a Capitol elevator, pushed the elevator operator against the wall and kissed her. He also came to the operator's home and asked her to make love to him.

10) 1977--In Oregon motel room while attending a conference, allegedly grabbed a prospective employee by the shoulders, pulled her to him and kissed her.

11) 1975--Called a staff assistant into his Senate office, pinned her against wall, grabbed her by her hair and with his free hand fondled her arm and chest. He also forced his tongue into her mouth.

12) 1975--In his Senate office, pressed himself against a staff member and kissed her.

13) Early 1970s--In his Oregon Senate office, chased a staff assistant around a desk.

14) 1970--In a Portland hotel restaurant, ran his hand up the leg of a hostess and touched her crotch.

15) 1970--In his Senate office, grabbed a staff member by the shoulders and kissed her.

16) 1969--In his Senate office, made suggestive comments to an interviewee.

17) 1969--At his home, grabbed a Senate employee who was babysitting for him, rubbed her shoulder and back and kissed her. When driving her home, touched her leg and put his arms around her.

18) 1969--In his Portland office, grabbed a staff member, stood on her feet, pulled her head backward and forced his tongue into her mouth. He also reached under her skirt and grabbed at her undergarments.

Compiled by D'JAMILA SALEM

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