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Another Flap Over a Movie's Net Profits : Finance: According to Paramount Pictures, 'Indecent Proposal' has a net loss of $35.7 million, even though it has generated $250 million in ticket sales.


After the opening weekend grosses began rolling in, and the studio realized it had a monster hit on its hands, Engelhard said there was an "air of giddiness" at Paramount and Lansing told him, "We owe it all to you."

Engelhard said he has only the highest regard for Lansing, Schulman and the other filmmakers, but believes he should be financially rewarded.

At the time the movie was released, a paperback version of "Indecent Proposal" was released, but Engelhard complained that the studio did nothing to promote the book. Industry sources told The Times that one reason might be that the book had little in common with the film.

Lansing was unavailable for comment Monday.

As months dragged on to years, Engelhard continued to puzzle over Paramount's financial statements on the movie, which showed increasing revenues but no net profits. He said his Philadelphia lawyer had tried to get answers from the studio but was "stonewalled."

"Two or three months ago, I contacted Paramount personally," Engelhard said. "I said, 'I don't want to see lawyers. Let's just talk.' I got the runaround by one of their lawyers."

Free-lance writer Connie Benesch contributed to this story.

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