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O.J. Simpson on 'Larry King Live'

October 08, 1995

* Re Larry King's phone call from O.J. Simpson, Oct. 4:

Has O.J. ever heard of the defendant taking the stand and telling his story? If he didn't have the time to do this cowardly deed, the whole world wants to know: Where were you, O.J.? Napping? Chipping golf balls? And while you're explaining that, let us know why you held the gun to your head on the freeway escapade, and what did happen to the contents of the garment bag? And how did this inept L.A. police force plant all this blood and hair evidence and get rid of the "real killer's" evidence?

We're waiting, O.J.


Palm Desert

* Wasn't that thoughtful of Simpson to call "Larry King Live" to explain why the limo driver saw him walking into the house. With all the other far-fetched suggestions the Dream Team raised, I'm amazed we never heard this one in court also.

O.J., what I'd really like to hear is why you were such a horrid wife-beater. Please don't insfult Nicole anymore with your comments.


San Diego

* Major chutzpah of the century: Simpson, who didn't have the guts to take the stand in his own defense, using the Larry King show to spew out lies about what was and wasn't said in the trial. Thank goodness CNN replayed what limo driver Allan Park actually said in court, refuting completely Simpson's spurious allegations.


San Bernardino

* I just read that Simpson has finally used his voice after a year and a half. He has admitted on a talk show (although he didn't stick around for any questions) that he was the "shadowy figure" in his front yard a short time after the double murders. I never doubted that it was him, but if I remember correctly, Park testified that after he saw the "shadowy figure" the lights went on in the house. I guess if my memory is correct he works around the house, packing, showering, putting out the luggage, in the dark. However, that still doesn't explain why he never answered the ringing of the bell--couldn't find it in the dark?

Enough already of this orchestrated posturing. If this person cannot answer directly about some very legitimate questions, then keep him off the airwaves. I sure don't want to hear him expressing his outrage against Marcia Clark for the rest of my life.


Santa Ana

* O.J. is negotiating a pay-per-view? He'd have to pay me.


Los Angeles

* Now that Simpson is a free man, he will soon be asking us to pay-per-view for his testimony that he failed to give on the stand. I would encourage all races not to support this outrageous act to raise money. What a scam! How stupid do you think we are? I would encourage all citizens to act like the jury did, and begin citizen nullification of this rich and famous killer.


Huntington Beach

* Simpson juror Brenda Moran stated that the trial was about murder and not spousal abuse (Oct. 5). Isn't murder the ultimate spousal abuse?

Considering their shameful verdict, the Simpson jury's arrogance is not to be tolerated. The same goes for Johnnie Cochran, who did more to set back racial harmony than anyone else in American history.


Spokane, Wash.

* The outcome of the Simpson trial underscores one of the critical weaknesses of our court system: Juries cannot deal with large doses of technical information. A juror demonstrated this in her news conference when she quoted but one single statement of forensic pathologist Dr. Henry Lee, saying, "There is something wrong here." A juror in information overload will retain kernels that are simple and digestible, even if they are more generalized or emotional than factual.


Granada Hills

* I've been following the Simpson trial from the beginning and I do believe there was reasonable doubt to find him not guilty. Guilty or not, I don't understand why people cannot accept the jury's verdict. These citizens have given up nine months of their lives, completely isolated from TV, radio, newspapers, let alone family and friends. They haven't been exposed to all the sideshows and innuendos that the rest of us have. Isn't it hard enough to get people to do their civic duty of jury service, and now after all they've been through, they're referred to as "racist."



* Our jury system will survive and we can walk away from this "Trial of the Century" knowing:

* No TV in the courtroom in the future.

* Gag orders on all attorneys.

* Gag orders on jurors and witnesses.

* Laws to prevent book publishing until a verdict has been reached.


Los Angeles

* Maybe there should be a formal, public investigation of the LAPD by a grand jury or some federal agency.

At least one Simpson juror has stated that she believed the police planted evidence. Isn't it a bad idea to allow this notion to float out there unanswered?

It is a serious charge to say that evidence was planted. That charge should not linger in our minds without being addressed. Otherwise, doubts and recriminations will poison everybody's thinking.



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