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October 11, 1995

Although New York City's housing ranked among the least affordable in a recent national survey, New York had more markets among the 25 most affordable than any other state. Binghamton, N.Y., topped the National Assn. of Home Builders housing opportunity index during the April-June quarter. Neighboring Elmira was second. Across the continent, California had 11 metropolitan areas among the 25 least affordable, including last-placed San Francisco. No California city ranked among the 25 most affordable.

The 25 most affordable and 25 least affordable U.S. housing markets in the second quarter, according to the National Association of Home Builders.*


Metro Area: Percent

Binghamton, N.Y.: 86.9

Elmira, N.Y.: 86.7

Elkhart, Ind.: 84.6

Kansas City: 84.3

Minneapolis: 83.6

Kokomo, Ind.: 83.1

Vineland, N.J.: 82.7

Utica, N.Y.: 81.6

Nashua, N.H.: 80.5

Melbourne, Fla.: 79.9

Champaign, Ill.: 79.9

Rockford, Ill.: 79.8

Jamestown, N.Y.: 79.7

Pensacola, Fla.: 79.3

Brazoria, Texas: 79.2

Lima, Ohio: 79.2

Syracuse, N.Y.: 79.1

Oklahoma City: 79.1

Lakeland, Fla.: 79.0

Mansfield, Ohio: 78.9

Ocala, Fla.: 78.8

Fort Wayne, Ind.: 78.7

Duluth, Minn.: 78.6

Kalamazoo, Mich.: 78.6

Springfield, Ill.:78.5


Metro Area: Percent

San Francisco: 18.9

Laredo, Texas: 20.8

Salinas, Calif.: 25.4

Santa Cruz, Calif.: 27.5

Santa Rosa, Calif.: 27.8

Honolulu: 28.9

New York: 33.9

Provo, Utah: 34.4

San Luis Obispo, Calif.: 36.0

New Bedford, Mass.: 36.7

Albuquerque, N.M.: 37.4

Portland, Ore.: 37.5

El Paso, Texas: 38.4

San Jose, Calif.: 38.6

Reno, Nev.: 39.6

San Diego: 39.8

Jersey City, N.J.: 39.9

Los Angeles: 41.2

Oakland, Calif.: 41.6

Lowell, Mass.: 42.5

Yuba City, Calif.: 42.7

Danbury, Conn.: 43.3

Santa Barbara, Calif.: 44.4

Yakima, Wash.: 44.8

Austin, Texas: 47.0

* The number corresponding to each area is the percentage of the homes sold that were within reach of the median income household at the prevailing mortgage interest rate.

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