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Answer to Jam at Intersection Isn't So Easy


Dear Traffic Talk:

Cars traveling west on Magnolia Boulevard that want to turn left onto Sepulveda Boulevard southbound often pile up at the intersection. There are three lanes at the westbound Magnolia approach to the intersection: a left-turn lane, a through lane, and a right-turn lane.

Magnolia west of Sepulveda is a dead-end street, ending at the edge of Sepulveda Dam Recreation Area. The solution to the problem appears to be to allow traffic in the through lane to also turn left.

Daniel Frank, Valley Village

Dear Daniel:

According to Erwin Chodash, a transportation engineer with the city Transportation Department, the department cannot allow motorists to turn left from the middle lane because it would conflict with eastbound Magnolia traffic turning left onto Sepulveda northbound.

Dear Traffic Talk:

I am a senior citizen with disabilities. About three years ago, I took a written test that seniors can take to reduce their automobile insurance premiums. I sent the test to a company that sent me a certificate that allowed me to get a discount from State Farm. However, I lost the name of the company that administers the tests. If you could print the name of the company, I'm sure it would help many other readers who would prefer to take the written test rather than take an eight-hour class that also enables people to lower their insurance payments.

Betty McDermott, Toluca Lake

Dear Betty:

The state Department of Motor Vehicles officially sanctions only one company, Amundson & Associates of Whittier, to provide a home-study course. I believe that is the "written test" to which you were referring. Amundson is located at 13006 E. Philadelphia St., Suite 505, Whittier 90601. (800) 233-0226, TDD: (800) 960-8882.

Dear Traffic Talk:

Speeding is a major problem on Moorpark Street between Balboa Boulevard and Petit Avenue in Encino. Cars that want to avoid busy traffic at the Balboa-Ventura Boulevard corner race in both directions along this stretch. Some neighbors who have been ignored by the city have put up homemade "Slow--Children" signs. There is no safe walking time, except perhaps early Sunday when shops are closed.

Perhaps the city could install "no left turn, 7-9 a.m. and 4-6 p.m." signs on Balboa and Petit.

Arthur and Rebecca Joseph, Encino

Dear Arthur and Rebecca:

Ray Wellbaum, a transportation engineer with the city Transportation Department, said it is possible to put up such signs, but cautioned that they could present a problem for Moorpark parents who return to their street after dropping their children off at school, or for workers who need to get into the neighborhood at those times.

"My concern is that some residents of the street may not like having the turn restrictions," said Wellbaum, who suggested that you see whether a consensus exists on the street, and if so, to work through your City Council member's office.

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