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The Fast Track Isn't Always the Best Track

November 03, 1995

Lynn Smith's well-researched story "Time Off From College Can Offer a Good Lesson" (Oct. 25) is paralleled on a larger scale by California State University 1992-'93 enrollment figures: 50,000 freshmen, 30,000 sophomores, 80,000 juniors, 115,000 seniors.

Where do all those juniors and seniors come from (honor graduates, too) if not from neighborhood community colleges where stressed-out students can afford to take their time?

Who has not come home from a 10-year high school reunion very much surprised by the fact that A and A+ students in the long run turn out to be no more productive than the rest of us, especially those who simply needed more time in which to mature intellectually and physically?

Let's hope the story shakes up some of the parents and teachers who misguidedly support our winners / losers fast track educational system.


Executive director

Californians for

Community College Equity

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