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INSIDE & OUT : In the Groove

November 18, 1995|CYNDI Y. NIGHTENGALE

The Green Design collection is a perfect fit for people who are all thumbs when putting together assembly-required furniture.

Because the furniture components are connected through a series of precision-cut slots, you don't need screws, fasteners, tools or a lot of time to set it up. As each component slides into place, it secures the previous piece. The final component acts as a key to lock together the entire piece.

The patented joining system is the brainchild of Douglas Green, an industrial designer based in Portland, Me. Before moving into industrial design, Green was a cabinetmaker and furniture designer. Last year, the furniture was honored by Time magazine for having one of the best designs of the year.

The computer desk has five components and can be set up by two people in under five minutes. It is available in two sizes, 60 by 32 inches ($2,140) and 72 by 32 inches ($2,230).

The cherry furniture line, which includes a dining table, bookcases, chairs and other pieces, has a Mission style look with a contemporary feel.

For more information, call (800) 853-4234.

Hanukkah Touches

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

That's what Eileen Notick of Anaheim did when she couldn't find accent furnishings to decorate her house for Hanukkah.

"I wanted towels for my bathroom, and all I could find were Christmas ones, so I said, 'Heck, I'll make my own,"' said Notick, who has no formal artistic training but does have a creative eye.

Her towels (from $8 to $15) are one-of-a-kind, hand-painted pieces and are machine washable.

About five years ago, Notick designed her first towels, and soon friends wanted her to make some for them. Notick has since expanded her Handcrafted With Naches line to include custom gift baskets ($30 and up) and wall hangings and framed poetry by her daughter, Tammi Wallace.

Notick's works are available at the Temple Beth David gift shop, 6100 Hefley St., Westminster, or by calling (714) 636-1653.

Chill Out

The Chateau wine cooler will help keep your wine's bouquet from losing its bloom or your sparkling water from going flat.

The cooler ($60), imported from Austria by Ross-Simons, is double-walled for insulation. Mercury glass and a thermos ensure your beverage stays at an ideal temperature. It's 9 inches tall and 7 inches in diameter.

Call (800) 348-4414 for a free catalogue.

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