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Difficult Drive

November 19, 1995

I read "Das Train" (Oct. 22) with great interest because we recently visited Germany. In your article, there was no mention of driving through the former German Democratic Republic. That was wise. The former East Germany is a land of wonderful people, beautiful countryside and absolute disaster when it comes to travel by automobile. At best, there are two-lane roads in most parts of the country. At worst there are no roads at all.

The new unified German government is trying diligently to undo 40 years of deterioration. Many two-lane roads are reduced to one lane for construction. Other roads have simply been closed and, since no alternative route exists, there is "no way to get there from here." Only through the kindness of total strangers did we make our way through the area and are not still stranded in the middle of some East German farm field.


Van Nuys


What a surprise it was to see a picture of the castle of Wernigerode in the Harz Mountains in the Travel section! The German family that hosted us took us to the castle, which is about 20 miles from their home in Vollenborn, Thuringia.

The prospect of walking the long distance from where we parked to the entrance road and then the steep climb up to the fogged-in castle was a challenge, but the exhibits and the castle restaurant serving hearty German meals made it all worthwhile. We also went to Eisenach, notable in its own right, and extremely interesting.



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