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Ballot Propositions at a Glance

November 20, 1995

California voters will decide on 11 statewide propositions during the state's primary election March 26. Last week, Secretary of State Bill Jones assigned ballot numbers for them.

The ballot measures are:

* Proposition 192: Would allow sale of $2 billion in general obligation bonds for earthquake repairs of state highways and bridges.

* Proposition 193: Would exempt property transfers between grandparents and grandchildren from Proposition 13 property tax reassessment if the parents of the grandchildren are dead.

* Proposition 194: Would make prisoners who participate in Joint Venture work programs ineligible for unemployment benefits upon release.

* Proposition 195: Would add murder committed during a carjacking and murder of a juror to the list of crimes that carry the death penalty.

* Proposition 196: Would add fatal drive-by shootings to the list of crimes that carry the death penalty.

* Proposition 197: Would let the Legislature amend or repeal the 1990 ballot measure that banned sport hunting of mountain lions.

* Proposition 198: Would allow voters of all political parties to vote in primary elections for all candidates.

* Proposition 199: Would void and phase out local rent control laws for mobile homes.

* Proposition 200: Would establish a no-fault automobile insurance system and prohibit most car accident-related lawsuits.

* Proposition 201: Would require the losing party to pay attorneys' fees in shareholder actions against corporations.

* Proposition 202: Would limit attorneys' fees in personal injury, wrongful death and other tort cases.

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