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THE GOODS : A Helping Hand for That Pain in the Neck


Tsubo Glove may look like a costume accessory from "Star Trek," but it's for real. The electronic massage glove can help ease tension or sinus headaches and relieve muscle aches. It is great for unwinding at the end of a stressful day.

The glove has dual oscillating motors that send vibrations to massagers on the wearer's thumb and middle finger. The speeds can be adjusted through controls on the back of the glove. Lightweight and comfortable, Tsubo (pronounced subo) Glove has rechargeable batteries--included--and can be used as a cordless massager for up to 40 minutes. It also can be plugged into an AC or DC outlet. After cordless use, it takes 14 hours to fully recharge.

The massagers are made of durable neoprene fabric. The glove can be wiped clean with a cloth dampened with a non-abrasive cleanser. Users can choose from two sizes of elastic rings for the thumb and middle finger for a proper fit. The wristband is adjustable.

Sorry, southpaws. Tsubo Glove is made only for the right hand.

Tsubo Glove ($49.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling) can be ordered from WellSpring Products in South Pasadena. Call (800) 444-9811.


A Hot Idea: Unique HeaterMeals can provide a hot meal any time, any place. They are perfect for campers, boaters, long-distance truck drivers or construction workers. And they'd be a terrific addition to a survival kit.

Using a process originally developed for the U.S. military--ZestoTherm has manufactured about 65 million for soldiers' use--HeaterMeals have their own food heater inside.

This patented heating packet, containing salt, iron and magnesium, is inside a foam tray. When a packet of water (included) is added, a chemical reaction heats the unit under the entree. It takes 14 minutes to heat the food.

HeaterMeals do not require refrigeration, and their shelf life is 18-24 months stored at about 77 degrees. The plastic food tub, foam tray and carton are recyclable.

HeaterMeals are pretty tasty, too. There are six entree selections--each about a pound. Available are grilled turkey breast with mashed potatoes and gravy, beef with mushroom gravy and mashed potatoes, chicken with noodles and gravy, cheese ravioli, chili and green pepper steak with rice. They range in calories from 250 to 360.

Included with each entree are plastic utensils, napkin and salt and pepper.

HeaterMeals ($4.99 each) are available in Los Angeles at Faith Marine Products, 3206 Greenfield Ave. Or you can order them in cases of 12 ($60 plus UPS shipping cost) from HeaterMeals Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio. Call HeaterMeals at (800) 503-4483.


Double Duty: Joining the craze in homeopathic therapy is AromaFresh Breath Spray, which can spritz away your sweet tooth.

One spray under the tongue will momentarily cut the craving for a sweet treat. And the citrus-flavored spray doubles as a breath freshener.

AromaFresh ($14.95 for a half-ounce bottle) is available from Enrich International in Orem, Utah. Call (800) 748-8288.

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