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A Bouquet of Suggestions

November 25, 1995|KAREN DARDICK

These varieties of pansies are recommended by Roger's Gardens:

* Crown series--clear, unblotched three-inch flowers in a wide range of colors.

* Crystal bowl series--heavy blooming, heat-tolerant plants with two-inch clear blooms in a wide range of colors.

* Imperial series--medium to large flowers with soft, subtle colors.

* Joker series--novelty color combinations.

* Lyric series--large, blotched flowers with short, sturdy stems.

* Maxim series--medium-size flowers in wide range of colors. Excellent heat and cold resistance.

* Padparadja--1991 All America Selection winner. Small, dark orange flowers. Good heat tolerance.

* Super majestic series--also called Colossals, this series has the largest flowers, up to 4 1/2 inches. All have blotches. Colors include white, light yellow, red, rose, deep blues and purples.

* Universal series--1 1/2-to two-inch flowers. Good heat tolerance.

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