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L.A. Speak : Rock 'n' Roll Confidential

November 26, 1995|Stacy Stukin

clunker n. classic-rock radio station. "KIOU is such a clunker, they played 'Hotel California' twice last night."

granola station n. radio station that plays adult alternative albums for politically correct audience.

indier than thou adj. self-righteous, anti-corporate band that refuses to sign with a major label.

insultant n. programming consultant hired by radio stations to shape playlist, usually loathed by DJs. "The insultant said I couldn't play Madonna anymore."

speed bump n. radio station employee who screens records sent by labels. "The first single would be a monster if I could just get it past that speed bump WYMI."

weasel n. record-company talent scout.

weasel fest n. club date or concert overrun by weasels. "It was a weasel fest at the Roxy Saturday night."

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