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Robins Settlement Shows Gates' Bias

December 17, 1995

There are many of us who spent many years, 25 in my own case, in the service of the county. It was good employment, and each payday I set aside a certain amount of deferred compensation that I anticipated using for my retirement. When the debacle of failed investments plunged the county into bankruptcy, a committee including Sheriff Brad Gates began making proposals for recovery. Most of those plans went very easy on Sheriff Gates' department and on Dist. Atty. [Michael R. Capizzi's] office. Coincidentally, Capizzi was also a member of that committee. One of the actions taken was to reduce payments to those of us who had deferred salary accounts.

While not liking the solution, I saw it as a necessary part of some nebulous recovery plan. Now I find that this same Sheriff Gates apparently pushed for a settlement in the millions for the family of Deputy [Darryn Leroy] Robins, who was [slain while] engaged in an [impromptu] training practice. While I have total sympathy for the family, I believe that if any compensation is warranted, it should come from worker's compensation. In the meantime, [former] Deputy [Brian P.] Scanlan has been granted a disability retirement of about $2,100 per month. I assume that he will receive regular cost-of-living increases. He is stressed out but still is able to work in a safety-related job in Arizona. Deputy Scanlan and the family of Deputy Robins profit from a tragic accident resulting form their own actions outside regulations.

Sheriff Gates looks after his own. It is unfortunate that he does so at the expense of all county residents and taxpayers.




Sheriff Gates does not want his department to be embarrassed by the Robins incident. It's too late.

The deputy who fired the shot with live ammunition was obviously not well trained by his department--this is, or should be, an embarrassment to Gates.

Where is the money coming from to pay the Robins family? Take it from Gates' department.


Huntington Beach

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