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Log Cabin Club Shoots at Wrong Target

December 17, 1995

A commentary on politics on Dec. 10 by Christopher Gilbertson of the Log Cabin Club indicates that the Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club, of which I am a co-chair, is less than efficient in affecting policies important to the lesbian and gay voters in Orange County. I have always recognized, privately and publicly, the challenges Log Cabin faces trying to educate their party on lesbian and gay issues. They have been the butt of jokes and have been criticized for some of the candidates they have supported. However, Gilberton's attempts to raise the stock of the conservative gay Republicans by misrepresenting their influence and by taking a cheap shot at Log Cabin's hard-working Democratic counterparts cannot go unanswered.

While Orange County is represented solely by Republicans in Sacramento and in Washington, Eleanor has been an effective player on these fields. Unlike Log Cabin, we are a chartered club, fully recognized by the local, state and national party. We have met with Democratic officials at every level of government and have secured their support, i.e., their votes on issues important to the lesbian and gay community, obviously not as constituents, but because of the commitment of these Democrats to the issues themselves. I am afraid that Gilbertson would be hard pressed to list members of the local congressional delegation on whom Log Cabin has used its clout to influence [members] into endorsing the Employment Nondiscrimination Act.

Also, with its access to the Assembly, has Log Cabin been able to deliver a single vote for the state nondiscrimination bill adding sexual orientation, for the domestic partnership bills, for the dignity for All Students bill, or for any bills on AIDS issues? Back-room Republican promises have obviously not been fruitful for our community.

Lastly, if Gilbertson's declaration of a turning tide in the gay and lesbian community toward the conservatives was based on the Advocate tally of the New York state 1994 gay vote, I would note that many of the Republicans supported by our community in New York state also had the endorsement of the state Liberal Party, quite different from the climate in Orange County.

I intend to continue my support of gay Republicans to carve their niche within their party and our community, but hope that their petty sniping at those who disagree with them will cease.



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