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Q&A : If you were to leave something special for Santa by the fireplace, what would it be?

December 17, 1995

I was going to say venison, but considering the reindeer, that's rude. I would make him a big bowl of pumpkin squash soup, roasted quail with chestnut flan and wild mushrooms, and some homemade Christmas stollen cookies to take with him.

Lee Hester, executive chef , Granita

A warm peach cobbler--without the ice cream--and maybe a coffee with Kahlua, whipped cream and Tia Maria.

Brad Johnson, owner , Georgia

Turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Of course, I would give him something for the road--a nice piece of pumpkin pie. But I wouldn't take care of all his reindeer. If my grandkids heard me talking like this, they would think I was nuts.

Mario Frisan, manager , The Pantry

A coffee cake filled will coffee mousse and coffee truffles on top. That would be for the road. For inside, I would leave something light--a bowl of soba noodles with some tempura.

Fred Eric, chef/owner , Vida

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