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CYPRESS : Deal for Schools' Mini-Parks Renewed

December 29, 1995|BILL BILLITER

The city and the Cypress School District have extended for nine years an agreement that allows parts of the campuses at Vessels and Damron schools to be used as community play areas.

The Cypress Recreation and Park District and the school district, began the cooperative agreement in 1977. The school board and the City Council renewed the pact through 2005.

The arrangement allows for a mini-park to be on a small part of each school's grounds.

"The school district maintains the turf, and the Recreation and Park District maintains the play area and equipment," said Marvin DeCarlo, the city's recreation and park director, in a memo to the City Council.

The council unanimously approved DeCarlo's recommendation to renew the city-school venture.

"It's a win-win situation for the schools and the community," said Elizabeth Novack, assistant superintendent of the school district.

"Our students can play in that area, and the community gets access to a park."

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