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Different Views on Guns and Licenses

January 14, 1996

Thank you for the well-written article "Permission to Pack" (Jan. 4), by Paul Dean, which fairly represented gun owners and carriers.

Frankly, I'm sick and tired of gun-control extremists insisting a law-abiding citizen's right to bear arms will lead to more crime. Granting an aware, responsible adult a permit to legally carry a weapon simply makes it legal to do so. Choosing to carry a weapon and being able to do so legally equals refusing to become a victim.

As gangs infest our streets and drugs contaminate despondent brains, crime will continue to grow. Those who desire to obtain a CCW (Carry Concealed Weapon permit) are not looking for a license to brandish a weapon. Only criminals brandish weapons and they don't care about obtaining permits.

The black market in guns is what needs to be stopped, not responsible citizens protecting themselves. If the bad guys knew all the good guys were armed, we'd see much less assault, robbery, rape and murder.




What an encouraging scenario: One day soon we're all carrying concealed weapons. If someone threatens us, we shoot them. Should they feel threatened, they shoot us.

Either way, we wind up with a smaller population, less of a strain on our resources, therefore diminished government and it becomes easier to balance the budget.

OK, so the major growth industry shifts to body bags, but won't it be worth the price?


Woodland Hills


All of the people I spoke with assumed from the first paragraph of "Permission to Pack" that Sen. Dianne Feinstein still carries a concealed weapon.

Not many readers made it to the 77th paragraph, where we learn that the senator had her permit 20 years ago, has let it lapse, and had the gun melted into a crucifix, which she gave to the pope.

The senator has stood firm in support of sane gun laws, and has taken much political heat for doing so. Your article suggests otherwise.


Women Against Gun Violence

Los Angeles

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