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Man Claims First Lady Signed Book

January 27, 1996|Associated Press

WASHINGTON — A man who walked out with grand jurors during a break in Hillary Rodham Clinton's testimony Friday was carrying an autographed copy of the first lady's new book.

David Shuster, a reporter for KATV in Little Rock, Ark., said he talked to the man at a sink in the courthouse bathroom during a midafternoon recess.

Shuster said the man opened the book to show him an inscription that read, "To Donald" and either "best wishes" or "warmest wishes." It was signed "Hillary Rodham Clinton," he said.

Shuster said he did not ask the man his name, whether he was one of the grand jurors or whether he had gotten the autograph from the first lady on Friday.

But the reporter said the man offered this opinion of Mrs. Clinton: "Oh, she is a very smart lady."

As the man returned from the bathroom, other reporters covering Mrs. Clinton's appearance asked him whether he had gotten the book autographed.

"Yes," the man said enthusiastically, beaming. He then returned to the grand jury room.

By law, grand jurors are forbidden from disclosing information they learn during a proceeding.

A spokeswoman for Whitewater prosecutor Kenneth W. Starr, Deborah Gershman, declined comment.

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