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Nixon Math: Elementary

February 03, 1996

It is obvious to me why "Nixon" is bombing at the box office (" 'Nixon' Getting Kicked Around at the Box Office," Jan. 25). The conservatives who admired Nixon don't trust Oliver Stone to pay him proper tribute, and the liberals who like Oliver Stone movies can't stand Nixon and don't want to sit through a movie about him.

Too bad all those six-figure-a-year studio execs couldn't figure this out.


Los Angeles


May I add a few more reasons to the list of why "Nixon" failed at the box office?

1. Portions dealing with Nixon are historically inaccurate, parts about Pat Nixon are utterly baseless but, most of all, it was a mediocre movie with no new insight into the man.

2. Most Americans do not harbor the liberal media and entertainment industry's hysterical hatred of Nixon.

3. Allowing Oliver Stone to make a movie about Richard Nixon is like letting Saddam Hussein make a movie about George Bush.


Newport Beach

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