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February 04, 1996|A. Grey Le Cuyer

coverage n. script readers' written evaluations of screenplays, used by studio executives to winnow script submissions.

Iowa adj. strictly amateur.

logline n. one-line summation of entire screenplay--often the only part of coverage studio executives bother to read.

rec v. to recommend a script.

Willis n. action-adventure script.

hook n. vague twist on tried-and-true formula that makes script stand out. "I'm gonna rec that Willis because of the alien-invasion hook."

Pasadena v. to pass on a script.

P.O.W. abbr. perpetually overwritten.

world expo n. script fraught with unnecessary exposition.

30/10 v. to read only the first 30 and last 10 pages of a script. "It was so Iowa, I 30/10'd it.

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