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Apple's Spindler Bids Employees Farewell

February 05, 1996

Michael Spindler was ousted Friday as chief executive of Apple Computer Inc. Here are excerpts from a farewell letter he sent to employees Friday:

Dear Colleagues:

The end of a long voyage. A page in my life has turned. Almost 16 years of professional and personal engagement to root for a cause which has made impact on society and has not ceased to exist and progress.

The greatness and sustainability of an enterprise is stretching beyond its immediate technology or creativity. It is in the idea of its being, that sets it apart from others. And Apple's idea of the personal information environment will prevail no matter what. . . .

It was Apple's Board of Directors decision to make a change in management moving the company forward--that's the fact.

So it's time for me to go! Mistakes or misjudgments made? Oh yes,--even plenty. Both in business and personal judgment terms.

I take personal responsibility for things that didn't work and should have been worked. I tried to give it my best--both intellectually and physically in every corner of the world to carry this cause and its color. . . .

Those of you who--through all these long years--have helped me, supported me and even guided me--I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my soul for the friendship and being together.

In fading away from the place which I loved and feared, I will become whole again--hopefully renew the father, husband and self I am.

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