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This Week in Cyberspace


February 07, 1996|ADAM S. BAUMAN

America Online

* Thursday, 8 p.m.: Join webmaster David Lytel in an online discussion about his Web page construction efforts at the White House. Keyword: Centerstage

* Friday, 7 p.m.: Comedian Carrot Top makes a rare online chat appearance. Keyword: Oldsmobile


* Today, 5 p.m.: Author Tom Clancey, who wrote "The Hunt for Red October," discusses fiction adventure writing. Go CONVENTION

* Tuesday, 6 p.m.: Wendy McCurdy, senior editor at Bantam Books, discusses popular romance authors Teresa Medeiros and Jane Feather, and how they get their books published. Go CONVENTION

Microsoft Network

* Thursday, 5:30 p.m.: Screenwriter Mark Steven Johnson, who wrote "Grumpier Old Men," shares advice on making it in Hollywood.

* Monday, 6 p.m.: Author Deepak Chopra talks about his latest book.


* Tuesday, 6 p.m.: Director Mike Figgis talks about his most recent film, "Leaving Las Vegas," in online chat. Jump: CHAT


Wednesday, midnight: More than 100 photojournalists and dozens of amateur volunteers will help produce 24 Hours in Cyberspace. Net surfers can watch or take part in the report on life online at, a Web site constructed in real time as the photographs are digitally transmitted to the project's San Francisco headquarters during all of Thursday.

* If you're searching for travel information, Fodor's NetTravel service may be just the ticket. The site features guides to finding great travel bargains and links to more than 2,000 travel-related sites on the Net. It is at

* Check out a new research service that takes the frustration out of locating and subscribing to those elusive e-mail lists. The service maintains an updated index of more than 12,000 e-mail discussion groups, including subscription and cancellation instructions, and is located at

* The new E-Zine Web service offers a comprehensive list of more than 600 links to electronic magazines of every type imaginable. It is at

* An intriguing link that allows you to view a real-time map of aircraft currently flying over Southern California airspace is offered by the Edwards Air Force Base Flight Test Center at

Sources: Times, wire and company reports

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