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Valentine's Day Q & A

February 11, 1996

Jayne Ann Krentz, a.k.a. Amanda Quick, romance writer with more than 20 million books in print

Can you compose a valentine without using I, love or you?

"Heck, with the smog index of the day, 'Come here and steal my breath away.' "

What was the worst valentine you ever received?

"The ones I did not get when we exchanged cards in Mrs. Whatshername's third-grade class."


Chuck Woolery, matchmaking host of TV's long-running "Love Connection"

Describe your perfect Valentine's Day

"I'd spend all day on the beach with my wife, eat a picnic lunch, come home and have champagne, caviar and diet Coke. Then I'd just spend the rest of the evening looking at her."

You're never allowed to say, "I love you" again. What words could replace them?

"That's easy: Je t'aime. I'd move to France."


Michael Goff, president and editor of Out magazine

What's the best valentine you ever received?

"The store-bought one from Jonathan Tobin in fourth grade."

What phrase could replace "I love you?"

"I believe we have complementary dysfunctions."

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