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Wannabe Millionaires Line Up for Lotto Tickets


Convenience stores across the state Tuesday became dream wells for thousands of would-be millionaires as the jackpot for tonight's Super Lotto drawing topped $31 million.

Indulging in fantasies ranging from the predictable (quitting work, then traveling the world) to the outlandish (buying a casino in Las Vegas), shoppers in Orange County traded cash for the California Lottery's quick picks throughout the day.

The scene at Anaheim's H and C Liquor was typical.

Though not the madhouse its owners say it becomes when the jackpot exceeds $50 million, which happened twice last year, the store still served as a fantasy forum for customers waiting in line to try their luck.

"I am going to buy a block of homes, then hire a nanny for my kids and travel the world," said Stanley Johnson, a marketing representative for a Garden Grove nursing school.

"My 7-year-old grandson will be a happy boy if I win," added Oscar Garza, a retired butcher.

While tucking his quick pick in his pants pocket, an elderly man who identified himself only as Bubba said, "I would have a lot of fun in Vegas.

"I'll take her with me," he added, pointing to Meena Sherman, the store owner. "And, if we're lucky again, we will get ourselves a little casino."

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