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UC Applications Drop Among Some Minorities : A Rising Tide

Education: Opinion is divided on whether the statistics can be tied to regents' vote to dismantle affirmative action.

February 14, 1996

Freshman applications to attend UCI reached a record for fall 1996, increasing nearly 5% from the 1995 level. Here's a look at the recent trend:

1996: 15,974


Group Differences

Although the total number of applications increased, there were declines from 1995 for some ethnic groups. The percentage change from 1995 to 1996:

White/other*: 6.4%

Asian**: 7.9%

Latino: -8.8%

Black: -7.8%

American Indian: -21.4%


Asian Domination

Asian students make up the largest segment of all freshman applicants who indicated an ethnic group (96% of the total). Here's how the 1996 UCI applicants break down by ethnicity, not including foreign students:

Asian: 49%

White/other*: 33%

Latino: 14%

Black: 4%

* Includes East Indians and Pakistanis

** Includes Filipinos

Source: UCI

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