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'Learning to Share' With Elmo and Friends


"Kids Guide to Life," a new series from the Children's Television Workshop on the Sony Wonder label, offers humorous, educational help for preschoolers facing developmental hurdles.

The series kicks off with "Learning to Share," starring Elmo, Big Bird, Grover, Oscar and other Sesame Street Muppet faves.

Faced with their own challenges, the Muppet pals demonstrate sharing and cooperation, aided by guest star Katie Couric, who turns up as the host of "Cooperation Today," an up-close-and-personal TV news show.

Couric interviews Jack and Jill and the Three Little Pigs for cooperation tips, then goes live to Sesame Street where "cooperation and sharing have broken out all over," for an exclusive report.

The video ends with child development and teaching tips for parents who want to help young children get comfortable with that most alien of concepts for a preschooler: sharing.

* Sony Wonder, 50 minutes. $12.98.


Love Is (Still) in the Air: Valentine's Day may be over, but romance cartoon-style, is as close as the Disney shelf at your local video store.

Mickey and Minnie, Pluto and Fifi, Donald and Daisy, Aladdin and Jasmine and even Genie and his heartthrob Eden are in the mood for love in three new titles on the Walt Disney Home Video label: "Aladdin and Jasmine's Moonlight Magic," "Mickey Loves Minnie" and "Disney's Sweetheart Stories."

The 45-minute "Aladdin" tape includes two adventures, but be warned: The title story features a scary, red-eyed, fanged werewolf. The other videos, about 25 minutes long, contain three classic Disney cartoons each, including "The Brave Little Tailor" and, from 1936, "Mickey's Rival."

* Walt Disney Home Video, $12.99 each.

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