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Designer Discounts on Home Decorating

Buying service offers consumers access to Pacific Design Center without the high cost of decorators' fees.


One of the phrases shoppers hunting for decorating bargains really dread is "to the trade only." This means we can't buy it on our own, that we need a decorator to do it for us, which will, in most instances, raise the price considerably. This also means that furnishings in the Pacific Design Center are out of bounds.

But there's a way around this obstacle and it's called L.A. Design Concepts. Consumers who want to purchase the furnishings housed in the Pacific Design Center and not pay the usual high fees decorators charge can hire the services of L.A. Design Concepts, which opens the door of the PDC to consumers, allowing them equal access at more affordable prices.

Frank Keshishian of L.A. Design Concepts has created a buying service that offers designer furnishings at competitive markups. For instance, a consumer will usually pay a 40% markup on a wholesale item of $2,500. This additional $1,000 represents the decorator's commission.

Through L.A. Design Concepts, the cost of that same item is marked up only 20% above the wholesale cost, resulting in a markup of $500 instead of $1,000.

When you spot something in a home furnishings magazine, most likely it is unavailable to the non-designer at any price. But if you provide L.A. Design Concepts with all the information--manufacturer, model number, color--they will track it down for you, handle all paperwork and arrange for delivery. Their fee is 20% of the wholesale cost of the items purchased.

L.A. Design Concepts, 8811 Alden Drive, Suite 11A, Los Angeles. (310) 276-2109. Cash, check only.


WEEKEND SUPER SALE: At Decor Art Gallery, the prices are always so low that they only have a sale once a year to make room for new inventory. On Saturday, for one day only, the gallery is offering 20% to 50% savings when you buy off the wall, and if you custom frame any poster-prints from their stock, the print is free. Finally, if you bring in your own artwork, they'll deduct another 20% for custom framing. Decor Art Gallery, 12149 Ventura Blvd., Studio City. Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday, noon-5 p.m. Sunday. (818) 755-0755.

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