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Citrusy Shades Like Tangerine Juice Up the Latest in Hipster Sportswear--Some Pricey and Some Not

February 22, 1996|JOANNA DENDEL

How to Do It Big

Italian designer to the rich and famous Gianni Versace's pantsuit in tangerine wool crepe is shown with a shrunken mock turtleneck and "Sly and the Family Stone" shades. The outfit will arrive at the Versace boutique in Beverly Hills in mid-March. The pantsuit retails for $2,300, and the knit top--sold separately in case you've been slacking off on your crunches--is $665. Sunglasses, $195. The look is also done in basic black and white.

Total: $3,160.

How to Do It for Less

The Axxess Mode boutique near the corner of Olympic Boulevard and Los Angeles Street downtown is bursting with casual Lycra knit sportswear. The owners not only make separates in acid tangerine, lime and lemon but also turquoise, fuchsia, black and white. The hipster pants, complete with matching belt, are only $18; we cut off the belt and loops for a cleaner look. Another $18 buys a matching short-sleeved mini dress, which we cut off and hemmed into a shrunken tee. (A selection of short-sleeved matching tops, $14 each, is also available.) The rayon Shantung blazer by Vicky La Fever for BIA-Born is from the junior department of Bullock's/Macy's, citywide. It's $65, also comes in fuchsia, black and white, and will be in the stores by the end of March. The sunglasses are a retro thrift-store find, so watch for copies in the boutiques this spring.

Total: $111

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