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BASEBALL DAILY REPORT : Nomo Gets 3-Year, $4.275-Million Deal

February 23, 1996|BOB NIGHTENGALE

Hideo Nomo, who a year ago was wondering whether he would even make the Dodgers, signed a three-year contract with them Thursday for about $4.275 million.

Nomo, who never was offered more than a one-year contract during his five seasons with the Kintetsu Buffaloes of the Japanese Pacific League, became the highest-paid second-year pitcher in Dodger history.

Nomo is expected to receive $600,000 this season, $900,000 in 1997 and $2.75 million in 1998.

The Dodgers have three members of their starting rotation under multiyear contracts: Ramon Martinez, Tom Candiotti and Nomo. No other Dodger has a multiyear contract.

"I think this deal is the best deal for me . . . ," said Nomo, voted the 1995 National League rookie of the year. "A multiyear contract would mean that I wouldn't have to think about a contract for three years, and I can concentrate on baseball during that time."

Nomo's Dodger money is only a small part of his total income. He earned about $12 million in endorsements last season in Japan.

Nomo's contract could have a direct bearing on Dodger All-Star outfielder Raul Mondesi and starter Ismael Valdes. The Dodgers have offered Mondesi a three-year, $6.15-million contract, but the sides are believed to be at least $1 million apart. Valdes has been offered a one-year contract for about $450,000.


Manager Tom Lasorda was enthusiastic after watching shortstop Greg Gagne for the first time. "I expect to see a lot more double plays," Lasorda said. . . . Left-handed reliever Scott Radinksy, who has been impressive, had a setback Thursday when he was unable to pitch because of a strained tendon in his left index finger. . . . Starting pitcher Darren Dreifort is wearing a nicotine patch in hopes of kicking his tobacco chewing habit.

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