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Valley Perspective : No One Has Right to Risk Kids' Lives : A couple lays two children's lives on the line to just beat a Metrolink train across the tracks. Why? To save 30 minutes?

February 25, 1996|BETH W. BEECHAM | Beth W. Beecham of Sylmar works in the construction lending department at Glendale Federal Bank in Glendale

This is an open letter to the couple I saw at the Glendale Metrolink station at 5:08 p.m. Feb. 12, a Monday.

I was waiting for the train to take me home from work. The train was coming around the turn, approaching the platform. It was slowing down, but still coming pretty fast. I saw you, a young man holding a small boy by the hand, and a young woman with a baby, pushing an empty stroller.

You hesitated before crossing the tracks in front of the train. You must have thought about it for a few seconds. I prayed you would stay where you were.

The train kept coming. Someone yelled, "Don't do it!"

At that second, the woman pushed the stroller across the tracks and the man ran with the boy. The boy fell. The train was getting closer. I screamed. The man dragged the little blond boy across the tracks. The train passed, narrowly missing all of you.

I assume the adults were the parents of the children. I can only ask you, parents: What possessed you to put your innocent children's lives in such horrible peril in order to do something as ordinary as catch a train? You could have caught that train, easily and safely. All you had to do was let it pass and walk around the back end. There was plenty of time. And if you missed it, you would have had to wait a whole 30 minutes. Aren't your lives worth 30 minutes?

If you think so little of yourselves and wish to die, that is your business; perhaps you need help. I hope you get it.

However, you have no right to endanger and frighten those small children. I saw the little boy, crying. Also, think of the horror the driver of the train, all those aboard and all those waiting on the platform almost witnessed.

Whoever you are, I am angry and upset at your stupidity, thoughtlessness and total disregard for your children's lives. I hope you will never, ever do anything like that again.

Unfortunately, it seems, people never learn.

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