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February 25, 1996|Darrell Satzman

* Number of self-storage facilities in the U.S.: 25,000

* Total self-storage space in U.S. by square feet: 1 billion

* State with most self-storage facilities: California

* Number of facilities in California: 2,816

* State with fewest storage facilities: Alaska

* Number of facilities in California: 2,816

* Total self-storage space in California by square feet: 102 million

* Market with most self-storage facilities: Los Angeles County

* Number of facilities in the county: 1,049

* Amount of self-storage space in the county by square feet: 38 million

* City with the most storage space per person: Las Vegas

* City with the least storage space per person: New York

* Nation's largest storage company: Glendale-based Storage USA, also known as Public Storage, with 1,100 properties and 68 million square feet

* Total annual revenue generated by self-storage industry: $6 billion

* Storage occupancy nationwide: 90%

* Average duration for storage rental: 10 months

* Duration allowed by California law to pay delinquent storage fees before contents can be auctioned: 28 days

* Most bodies discovered in a self-storage facility: 3

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