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Learn ABCs of Home Buying at Saturday's Fair

February 25, 1996

Owning a home can be a sweet, simple pleasure, but buying one can be a daunting, complex process. Whom do you trust, to whom do you turn for help, where can you get savvy advice?

Invest a day in your home-buying education and come to The Times' seventh annual Home Buyers & Sellers Fair. We'll have the answers to all your home-buying questions, along with an auditorium full of experts at your service.

Talk one-on-one with Times real estate columnists Robert J. Bruss, Ron Galperin and Bradley Inman, writer Ilyce Glink and mortgage consultant Earl Peattie.

Participate in four lively workshops on buying, selling, mortgages and using technology to be a smart home buyer or seller.

With an investment of one day, you'll be a much smarter consumer when you begin your house hunt. Be sure to allow extra time for parking, as we're sharing the convention center with the popular Smithsonian exhibit.

DATE: Saturday, March 2.

TIME: 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

PLACE: Los Angeles Convention Center.

PRICE: Clip coupon inside and save $1 off the regular $5 admission (see K6). Or pull down the coupon from the Internet:

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