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Local Artists Sought for School Program

April 03, 1996|MIGUEL HELFT

Ventura County educators are looking for local artists to expand an award-winning art teaching program in elementary and middle schools.

The Artists-in-the-Classroom program is a 6-year-old countywide joint venture between the Ventura Unified School District and the Ventura County Superintendent of Schools that introduces students to the visual arts, music, theater and dance.

"We are looking for people who are working artists and who can work with students," said Brian Bemel, who coordinates the program.

Artists currently in the program, which serves students between first and eighth grades, are teaching art forms as diverse as papermaking, batik, mime, dance and Japanese calligraphy, Bemel said.

Last year, the program received a statewide award from the California School Boards Assn.

"It speaks for the amount of talent in this county," Bemel said.

Artists selected for the program are assigned to a school and paid to teach eight weekly sessions in their area of expertise.

Interested artists should file an application outlining their proposed course of study by April 10.

For more information, contact Brian Bemel at 648-4767.

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