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D.A.'s Decision on Clothesline Project

April 21, 1996

* At NAMES Project, we use quilt panels to increase awareness of the AIDS epidemic. The Clothesline Project is most similar in this regard, using a visual display to increase awareness of physical and sexual abuse aimed at women.

Dist. Atty. Michael Bradbury's decision to ban the Clothesline Project sets a dangerous precedent, and I question who authorized his actions or whether he is using his personal values to decide what the rest of us can and cannot view.

Violence, like AIDS, is not something to be whitewashed and made pretty for Bradbury's benefit. It is not as if children are being forced to view the Clothesline Project. Bradbury's action undermines both our freedom of speech and the very nature of his own education efforts.

If you don't like what's on TV, switch it off. And if I thought the Clothesline Project would be too offensive, I wouldn't let my kids see it. I don't appreciate Bradbury making my decision for me, thank you very much.


Chair, NAMES Project

Ventura County


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