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Making a Plea to Steiner, Stanton

April 21, 1996

The Board of Supervisors and the district attorney have both lost it ("Supervisors Cap Defense Fees for Three Officials," April 10). Supervisor Marian Bergeson, the only one who is even questioning spending tax dollars to defend Supervisors William G. Steiner and Roger R. Stanton, has got it all wrong too. We shouldn't be negotiating defense funds and spending hundreds of thousands on prosecuting Steiner and Stanton. Bergeson and the others should be calling for their resignations.

Stanton and Steiner ought to respectfully resign. Give a tearful "It wasn't my fault--I only wanted the best for the county" speech and go, leave, let the county get on with the business of serving the public.



* If the prosecution and defense would agree to a plea bargain, Orange County stands to save millions of dollars!

A plea by Stanton and Steiner of nolo contendere would not be an admission of guilt, but would only subject them to a possible removal from office. Stanton only has eight months left in his term anyway.

Prosecution has already cost $1.5 million of our tax money, and the county is going to pay for their defense, already allocating $500,000. Isn't it well past the time when the citizens of Orange County have had enough?


Laguna Niguel

* Re Jennifer Marks' March 31 letter concerning Orange County paying for the legal defense of public officials accused in the Orange County bankruptcy:

Where is the presumption of innocence? I would wager that if Ms. Marks were so indicted/arrested in connection with her employment, and she knew she was innocent, she too would seek financial help from that employer to clear her name.


Corona del Mar

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