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Sobe It

April 21, 1996

Regarding Pat Jordan's article ("Miami. L.A.*L.A. Miami. Who Can Tell the Difference These Days?" March 3): When I saw the photograph of Oliver Stone, who's 50, looking wasted, with his arms around a couple of young women, and read that Jack Nicholson, who's pushing 60, rides off into the night with three women young enough to be his grandkids, I didn't find myself envying their lifestyle. I find myself instead wondering why these guys don't seem to give a damn what their own children must think of them.

If these two silly men are ever looking for a movie to team up on, they could do a lot worse than to consider "Faust."

Burt Prelutsky

North Hills


Until I read the Miami-L.A. article, I really wanted to visit South Beach. Now, I'm not so sure. I'm just a little person who makes less than a zillion dollars a year. I don't even know Jack Nicholson, and I certainly wouldn't want my presence to offend him.

Mary Delacroix


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