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The Short End of It Ignored in Tall Tale

April 21, 1996

"Tall Tales" (March 28) reported the problems tall women have finding clothes that fit. It should have been coupled with a "Short Story" about their short sisters' similar shopping woes.

Times Staff Writer Lynell George, at 5-foot-11, is about 1 foot taller than I, but, oddly enough, our clothing problems are similar.

Yes, we shorties can shorten sleeves, but that means removing and moving up cuffs (a major tailoring task). And yes, we can shorten hems, but it often changes the style of the skirt and kick-pleats end up on the cutting room floor. Pants for both of us are a dilemma. Of course, stirrup pants are out. For me, so are tapered pants. When you whack off 3 to 5 inches from the pant legs, there goes the taper.

George shops in men's stores. I used to shop in boys' departments until this generation of kids got into big baggy drawers and oversized tops.


La Canada


I can personally attest to the dearth of fashionable ready-made clothes for "vertically enhanced" women. The solution: Learn to sew. That way, you get exactly what you want at a modest price and it fits.



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