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Their Best Argument Was With Each Other

April 25, 1996|SCOTT HARRIS

"My wife and I came out here to be with Steve's family." The Jacobys attended memorial services and visited Brooke in the hospital. From her hospital bed, he said, Brooke told them that she'd like to visit them in Los Angeles when she's feeling better.

"Our daughters--he had four daughters, I have three daughters--all grew up together. I've known Steve for 30 years. We've been partners for 22 years. . . . We had a business disagreement at the end, but we have the same friends. It's a real tragedy . . . but the business will continue."

It wasn't clear whether Jacoby and Meyers, having "amicably" resolved their business disputes, had gotten around to fixing their friendship.

"Unfortunately," Jacoby said, "there were still some unresolved issues."

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Jacoby & Meyers fought the establishment and won. 'We started out as revolutionaries and became the establishment,' Jacoby said.

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