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1996 Valley Bank Robberies

Armed Robbers Seize Valley Bank

Holdup: Thirty taken hostage at Van Nuys branch as men fire shots, take cash and flee. No one is hurt.


* May 2, 1996: About 30 people, including several children, are taken hostage when three robbers with semiautomatic weapons fire a burst of shots at a Bank of America branch in Van Nuys. The hostages are unharmed. The robbers flee with an undisclosed amount of cash.

* April 29, 1996: Two men are arrested on suspicion of robbing a Bank of America branch in Canoga Park of an undisclosed amount of cash.

* April 26, 1996: The Los Angeles Teachers Credit Union in Van Nuys is robbed on payday for public school teachers by three men during the security guard's lunch break.

* April 24, 1996: Two gunmen who rob a Southern California Savings bank in Woodland Hills escape a massive search after officers surprise them during the takeover robbery.

* April 23, 1996: A "large amount of cash" is stolen during a robbery at the MCA/Universal Studios credit union in Universal City. One of two bandits put his gun to a female clerk's head.

* March 29, 1996: Three robbers make off with an undisclosed amount of cash from a Wells Fargo Bank branch in Studio City. They flee in a car that is found a few blocks away.

* Jan. 10, 1996: A guard and a bank employee are pistol-whipped when a man and a woman rob a Bank of America branch in Glendale. The couple took an undisclosed amount of money.

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