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It's High Time Hillary's Friends Spoke Up

May 05, 1996

Re "Hanging In There With Hillary" (April 25): Thank you to Geraldine Baum for an article on those who are lucky enough to be friends of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The only bad thing about this article is that it had to be written at all. Friendship is such a personal thing that it is a shame it has to be produced to defend such an honest and valiant person as Mrs. Clinton, whose only crime has been to work with the president to right the wrongs that years of Republican administration have caused.

She has spoken for the rest of us who have been ignored by the media and as a result, became the lightning rod for all the jealousy and backbiting ignorance can breed.

Perhaps the worst thing I can wish on the William Safires and Camille Paglias of this world is to know what not having affordable health care or adequate education can do to you. Then finally they will see why we need such an advocate for change in the status quo, and not an object of vilification.


Temple City


I am an old woman. I have never had any children of my own, but I do have a plaque expressing thanks from a group of mothers for my volunteer work in a children's nursery. I love children and care a lot about our future generations.

And this is one reason (besides many others) I admire Hillary Clinton--what she did for children because she sincerely cared, not for personal gain or publicity.

This shows great warmth and kindness and not the character faults her envious detractors fault her with. It is time for her silent friends to speak up.


Los Angeles

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