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Senate Panel to Study Web Copyrights

May 06, 1996

The Senate Judiciary Committee will get a primer on the Internet on Tuesday as it considers legislation governing copyrights in cyberspace. Intellectual property rights for books, software and other creative works are protected in the printed world, but some say existing laws are no match for cyberspace.

The National Information Infrastructure Copyright Protection Act would explicitly extend copyright protections to digitally transmitted work. As senators debate the measure, a group of copyright owners and users known as the Creative Incentive Coalition will take judiciary committee members on a tour of World Wide Web sites that feature books, software, music and video clips in violation of existing laws.


Semper Fi: Macintosh enthusiasts will gather Friday through Sunday at the sixth annual MacFair LA at the Burbank Hilton Hotel & Convention Center. For information, call the Los Angeles Macintosh Group at (310) 319-1824 or e-mail to


Trade Tech '96: The impact of information technology and electronic commerce on international trade will be the focus of this conference Thursday at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton. For more information call (818) 951-2842.


* Tuesday, 3 p.m.: The original members of the 1970s rock band Kiss, gearing up for a reunion tour, will chat with fans at

* Tuesday, 6 p.m.: Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter answers questions. America Online.Keyword:Centerstage

* Wednesday, 7 p.m.: Pro golfer Arnold Palmer is interviewed by Computer Life magazine. America Online.Keyword:Centerstage

* Thursday, 4:15 p.m.: NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw will chat with fans after his evening newscast, at

* A centralized schedule of celebrity chat sessions has just been announced at the Chat Soup Web site ( You can also check here for a daily roundup of the previous day's chats.


* If you follow technology stocks check out Tech Investor (http:/// The site has a daily stock market story--focusing on the technology sector--along with news about products, strategies and earnings of hightech companies. There's also a backgrounder on tech jargon (what do they mean by "servers," "group ware" and "wireless," anyway?) and a glossary of acronyms such as ASCII and RBOC. Vistors can also search Usernet newsgroups to find out what Netizens are saying about specific technology companies.

* If you think you can do a better job of running the country than members of Congress, tell them so. Point your browser to and type up a free Netgram that can be sent to President Clinton, your elected representatives in Congress or the entire committees of the House ad Senate. Type your address, and the site will tell you who represents your district.

* Volunteers of America is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a new Web site at http:/// The national volunteer organization helps with job training, food banks, homeless shelters and health care. Visitors can send e-mail to find out about local volunteer opportunities.

* The Usernet Address Database has just opened on the Web. Browse and search this fascinating collection of more than 4.1 million e-mail addresses culled from Internet News postings between July 1991 and February 1996, at http:///

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