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Mexico Memo

May 19, 1996

I greatly enjoyed Hillary Hauser's article on "Baja's Gold Coast" (April 14), but I was disappointed that she let the Rosarito Beach Hotel off the hook so easily. She said: "My idea of a beach vacation involves swimming in a scenic, uncrowded ocean, or at least going for quiet walks. Neither the beach by the Rosarito Beach Hotel, nor the hotel itself, inspired this or any other such felicity."

Last summer, my family and I stopped at the Rosarito Beach Hotel expecting a pleasant weekend getaway. Instead, we got a filthy room with broken glass in the bathroom; a surly staff that could care less about customer service; and a dirty, noisy beach with more trash than relaxation. We're looking forward to traveling south of Rosarito to the real Gold Coast.


West Covina


In her story, Hillary Hauser says that rooms at La Fonda Hotel in La Mision start at $46 a day and apartments at $69. But the Guidebook on the same page ("Baja's Gold Coast"), says rates are $50 and $76. Which is correct?


Costa Mesa

Editor's note: Hauser's figures are correct.

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