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Supervisors to Rein In Additions to Agenda

May 25, 1996|SHELBY GRAD

County officials have vowed to limit the number of late additions they make to the Board of Supervisors agenda, after some board members complained about the practice.

The board agenda is usually released six days before the Tuesday meeting, but officials usually add supplemental items later in the week.

Supervisor Jim Silva said this week that supplemental items should be limited to emergency items related to bankruptcy recovery efforts.

In recent weeks, he said, only a few of the more than a dozen supplemental items were related to the bankruptcy.

Silva said the late agenda items make it difficult for supervisors and the public to fully research the issues before the meetings. "We need enough time to make sure exactly what we are voting on," Silva said.

Some Lake Forest officials complained when an item concerning the possible expansion of the James A. Musick Branch Jail was placed on this week's agenda at the last minute.

Supervisor Marian Bergeson requested that it be removed to give the city officials more time to examine the issue.

Chief Executive Officer Jan Mittermeier acknowledged that county staff members have been placing items on the agenda late in the week, a practice that is sometimes necessary as time-sensitive bankruptcy matters come up. But, she said, the staff would work to limit the number of supplemental items.

"During the bankruptcy, this was a very hectic place and we probably stretched what we should have been doing," Mittermeier said. "We need to take another look at this."

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