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Easiest U.S. Airports

May 26, 1996

Several thousand international travelers were surveyed at 19 American airports and asked to rank them for overall passenger convenience. Below, the results of the survey, which included such service elements as speed of check-in, courtesy, friendliness and efficiency of check-in staff and on-time departure.

Overall Passenger Convenience Score on a scale of 1-10

Orlando: 7.9

Raleigh/Durham: 7.84

Cincinnati: 7.71

Houston: 7.61

Seattle: 7.49

Minneapolis: 7.48

Chicago (O'Hare): 7.48

Dallas/Ft. Worth: 7.44

San Francisco: 7.35

Atlanta: 7.33

New York (Newark): 7.27

Los Angeles: 7.14

Philadelphia: 7.11

St. Louis: 7.02

Detroit: 6.96

Boston: 6.87

Washington (Dulles): 6.62

Miami: 6.5

New York (Kennedy): 6.19

Sources: Intl. Air Transport Assn. and Travel Weekly

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